Olympic Badminton

Olympic Volleyball

After a lot of effort I managed to get some last minute tickets to Japan’s women’s Olympic volleyball match at Earl’s Court this morning!

I didn’t think I was all that interested but I was fascinating; really great fun to watch.

Japan beat the Dominican Republic pretty handily. Go Japan!

Olympic Central Line

Imagine if the main line into the Olympic Park was suspended due to a ‘fire alert’. Imagine no longer. No how do I get to work?

Olympic Tennis, Day One

The only tickets I secured in the original Olympic ballot were for today’s first day of tennis at Wimbledon’s Centre Court. What a day, it was! I’m so shattered after a long week and a long day today that I hardly know where to begin. I’ll give a brief account, however.

The outstanding highlight was undoubtedly Roger Federer’s scare against Falla. The last two Federer matches I’ve seen at Wimbledon ended in him losing and today, fears of a third loss in a row loomed ominously. However, thankfully he came through in style.

There are two other things that come to mind, actually. The first was the huge number of empty seats on Centre Court. What a let down. It seems that this wasn’t only an issue at Wimbledon and that LOCOG is looking into this.

The other thing of particular note was how many big name players were practising on the outside courts and how few spectators they attracted – though there were far fewer people in the grounds than I’m used to seeing. I saw Li Na, Zheng, Simon, Gasguet, Verdasco, Roddick and Wozniaki practising just metres away! Given the lack of attention, I’d say the average ticket holder appeared much less knowledge about tennis than at the traditional Wimbledon tournament.

Oh yes, we also spotted Rory McIlroy’s who was also entering Centre Court for his girlfriend, Caroline Wozniaki’s match (see nearly lost to GB’s Anne Keothavong!) and one of the people in my party got a photo taken with him.

Olympic Torch Relay

Although I’m sure it was timed so that city workers would get a chance to see the London 2012 Olympic torch relay, being at around 9am, I had no idea and was very fortunate to come out of a Tube station to masses of people jostling to get a view of the road. Not only were people standing on chairs but had climbed onto all sorts of ledges.

Not five minutes later, a torch bearer ran by! He was practically sprinting so I wasn’t that well prepared for the photo above. I didn’t think I’d be that bothered but I think everyone else’s excitement rubbed off on me.

Summer Arrives

After what must be one of the coldest Summer’s in recent years, summer has finally hit. When the temperature rises gradually you can adjust, but going from 20 to 30 degrees Celcius is horrific. Well, I’m not a fan of hot weather full stop.

If I can buy a cheap thermometer I’m going to measure the temperature on the Underground. The heat! Ironically the air conditioning at work is so cold that yesterday I was wearing a jumper.

Let’s hope the blue skies hold for the start of the Olympics.

Olympic Tube Chaos

One of my biggest fears about the Olympics coming to London was our public transport system, or more specifically, the Tube. I hope I’m just being pessimistic but even if we have an average level of service over the next few weeks it will be embarrassing.

This morning, the Central Line was part suspended. ‘Here we go,’ I thought. To be fair, assuming we were being told the truth, the suspension was caused by a person under a train. But then, this evening, the Central Line was suspended yet again due to a fault with the track which needs to be repaired at St. Pauls. A fault with the track?! In fact, I’ve just checked again and the line is still part suspended with severe delays to the rest of the line four hours on…

Olympic Fast Lanes

Here you can see an Olympic fast lane on the road near Blackfriars Bridge in London. At the weekend I drove along the M4 from Chiswick to Heathrow just after the road had been reopened following repairs to a crack which had formed. At the time the Olympic lanes weren’t in operation but as of this morning they are now in effect.

Alien Registration

Interesting to hear the old alien registration card system in Japan has been changed. Looks like the launch of the new system has been having issues, though. So what are the pros & cons of the new system vs the old one?

Lukas Rosol

In what was one of the most amazing tennis matches I’ve ever seen in person and probably something that will never be topped, I was there as Lukas Rosol blew Rafael Nadal off Wimbledon’s Centre Court last night. It was absolutely phenomenal. Pictures to follow, possibly after Wimbledon ends.