Japan and the Fax

Japan and the fax: A love affair

Olympic Central Line

Imagine if the main line into the Olympic Park was suspended due to a ‘fire alert’. Imagine no longer. No how do I get to work?

Microsoft Buys Yammer

Microsoft Buys Yammer

Women in IT

Women in IT


Slippers at work.

Anger Cascade

Anger left right and centre on London’s roads.

London Chari

Another strike but this time cycling in to work.

Rushing Home

The beginnings of the latest Tube strike.

Air-conditioned Tube

The first day of air-conditioned Tube trains in London!

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning.




Meeting a bunch of professional photographers.


10 Reasons You Won’t Get Promoted This Year

Eyes Relax

Stretch those legs and relax those eyes.


Office drawers.

Let it Snow

Yet more snow hits London.

Dangerous Doors

The danger of doors.

English Tea

English tea, the ultimate present for the Japanese.


Careers guidance hits the nail on the head.

Sick Circle

The new extended Circle Line.

Tube Trouble

An agro pregnant woman.

Work, Week One

Week one at work finished off with a game of tennis.

Bowling Hustle

Bowling hustle.

A New Job

A new job for Christmas.

Last Day at Work

My last day at work.

Cup of Spoons

Spoons in hot water.

Working at Home

Tube strike and working from home.

Strike Starts

Another year, another strike.

London Career Forum

London Career Forum 2009 – a job fair for English-Japanese bilingual speakers.

Japanese Interview

Teaching Japanese for an interview.

7 Gods

7 Gods’ London studio near Finbury Park.

Extra Gym Time

Valid gym membership

G20 Dress Down

Companies advise dressing down whilst there are G20 demonstrations.


A swathe of redundancies at work

London Snow Storm

Heavy snowfall wreaks havoc with London’s transport system

Out of Order

Toilets out of order

Hanging On

Not falling sick until your mission is accomplished.

Dapper Suit

suits and interviews