Jet Set Radio

Arriving at the XBox 360 dashboard a familiar looking character popped up. Could it be?! Yes, Jet Set Radio, the extremely rare cult game from the Sega Dreamcast that sees you roller-blading around, spraying your gang’s graffiti to tag the streets of Tokyo. Without a moments hesitation the demo was downloaded and shortly afterwards the […]

Take a Leak

A guy looks around after coming out of the station and shiftily turns into a dark area off the pavement towards the station’s raised track archways. There’s no motorbike waiting so, yep, he’s going to take a leak. Just as he reaches the corner he has chosen for such a glamourously job a bright light […]

Take Your Change

‘Please Take Your Change.’ the self check out at a supermarket appealed to me. I froze for a second battling with my conscious. Why? Because this wasn’t my change. Someone had walked off leaving a note sitting in the change tray. Is this the same as when you find money on the street I thought? […]

Big Issue

Big Issue

Docomo Mail

Docomo Mail

Boris Becker

Fact: Boris Becker spotted me on Fleet Street this lunchtime.

Shake It

The Japanese say that shaking your leg i.e. when one you rest one leg on top of the other etc. is poor (as in not rich). Is that because it’s seen as uncultured? I used to have a habit of doing it myself, truth be told. The lady next to me on the train was […]

Bird of Prey

Bird of Prey

Japanese News

Japanese news following the huge earthquake and tsunami last Friday.

Photoshop Retouching

Photoshop Retouching



Eat Tokyo

Eat Tokyo, Golders Green, London

Japanese English Teacher

Japanese English Teacher

Wong Kei

Wong Kei, 10 years later.

Wimbledon Records

Wimbledon records


Reading and writing Japanese characters with no or little Japanese language packs installed on a PC.

Manga Land

Manga Land

Cold Winter

The cold winter continues.


Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Paying into ATMs

Paying money into ATMs, at last.

Top Golf Score

Best golf score following other sporting success!

Last Day at Work

My last day at work.

Up in 3D

For only the second time I went to the IMAX cinema in Waterloo, this time to see Up, the new Disney/Pixar animation. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it nearly as much as I did. I loved it! It says a great deal that I was shattered from the shift I did the night before and […]

Gherkin Bar & View

Entering the Gherkin and admiring the view from the bar on the top floor.

Mr Forgetful

Forgetting something for the first time.

Fantasy Gym

A fantasy gym.

London Career Forum

London Career Forum 2009 – a job fair for English-Japanese bilingual speakers.

SFIV FightStick

Three months after I placed my pre-order and two months since the original release date and finally my MadCatz Street Fighter IV Aracde FightStick has arrived!

Air Courier

Air couriers.


Lucky day?

ISA Renewal

ISA renewals.




Blatant looks.


06/06/06 -> 666

Double Vision

Twins dressing the same, with a twist.

Sour Skittles

Sour Skittles.

Coca Cola C2

The new Coca Cola, “C2” is being sold in Japan.

Green Sun

When you come inside from bright sunlight why does everything turn green?

Matrix II Coming

The matrix is nearly here – part 2, reloaded.

Transformers Theme

Transformers theme tune.

Crying Shame

Crying girl last night… guilt.


Today a gentle rain is falling after good weather yesterday – Sports day.

Go Bird!

Big Brother 3 (UK) ended last night, with Kate as the winner!

Episode II

Star Wars – Episode II

Big Brother: 3

UK’s Big Brother 3 starting!


Final Fantasy film.