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Web Hosting

Changing hosts.

Belated Greetings

Belated greetings

Mobile Pictures

Uploading iPhone photos to Wordpress blogs.


A country/flag counter!


Wishing you a Happy New Year!

12 Days of Christmas

Amazon Christmas sale and referrals.

Kyoto Sakura 2009

A new photo gallery, Kyoto Sakura 2009.

NextGEN Plugin

Photo galleries on Wordpress with NextGEN.

Blogging Japan

Blogging Japan coming soon.

Site Migration

Notes to Myself is now powered by it’s third CMS, Wordpress. This follows on from TypePad (2004) and previous to that, Movable Type (2001).

WordPress 2.7

WordPress 2.7 and 2.7.1

Blog Updates

Notes To Myself in the past and future

Federer & Safin

Federer and Safin practice at Roland Garros, 2008.

Kobe 2008

Kobe 2008 photo gallery.

Himeji Sakura

Himeji sakura photo gallery.

Amazon Delivers

Last day for Amazon orders to arrive before Christmas.

Java HttpUnit

HttpUnit and JUnit.

Win XP Vs Vista

How many people are using Windows Vista?

Green Fingers

A change of colours.

Venice Photos

Venice photograph gallery.


CAPTCHA required.


Amazon Associates.

Google Money

Google coughs up!


Tracking the blogger.

English Comment

Dealing with lazy English comments?

TrackBack Hell

Trackbacks to be turned off.

Amazon Referral

Amazon referals.

Browser Share

Browser share for this website.

TrackBack Spam

TrackBack spam increases.

Christmas Money

Betting Pot.

Tip Jar

A tip jar…


TypePad compensation problem.

PNG Rendering

PNG rendering issue.

River Thames

A gallery of pictures taken along the River Thames.

Intense Greens

New colour scheme not looking the same on LCDs.

Commemoration Day Gallery

Commemoration Day photo album.

Farewell Japan

Time for a change, like it or not.

Loathe Parting

Loathing to part.


Well wedding wishes.

Other Sites

Linking to other similar sites.


No site updates – an oxymoron?


Writing my thanks.

Warm Current

Calligraphy: Warm current.


Daffodil for calligraphy.


Setsubun calligraphy.

White Snow

White snow for the second time…

Hope, Wish

Writing with a hope.

Certain Victory

This week’s calligraphy is perhaps a little too optimistic.


This week’s calligraphy – shimobashira.