School Farewell

The inevitable speech.

Out of Sorts

Rearranging words.

ALT Time

Time at school.

Green Apples

What colour are apples?

Application Fee

Fees involved when applying to a Japanese university.


Dodgeball at elementary school.

No Pain

Feel no pain! Back at junior high school.


Kyuushoku – school lunch picture.

Toilet Talk

Do you talk at the urinal?


Playing volleyball with important people.

School Lunch

Back to school lunch and feeling just as bad.


Spending too much time with ABCs.

Nursery Rhymes

Nursery ryhmes we forget.

Red Bulb

What does the red bulb mean?

ALT Gossip

ALT gossip travels quickly between teachers.

Silent Voice

When the lights go out at school.


Feeling a little like a teacher for a change.


The anti-flusher strikes again.

Itchy Throat

This itchy throat is a real worry…

Docomo Bento

Docomo bento box vending machine.

Croaky Demo

An observation lesson was just to hard to watch.


Using a megaphone in class.

I’ll be back

A conversation from the classroom.

Floater II

Yet another package waiting in the bowl.

School Issues

School problems are boiling over.

Many Visitors

And so it was to be… the students came.


How rude can students be?!

I Am Famous

Looking famous at school in Japan.

Tainted Toilet

A nasty surprise awaited me in the men’s toilet.

Week One

The first week at my new school finishes.

Warning 23

Typhoon warning is issued.

Last Errand

Returning to my school to do an errand.

End of School

The end of my time at my first junior high school.

Baseball Janken

No speaking, just janken.

Loose Ends

Loose socks haven’t yet died out.

Smart School

The effects of a Board of Education visit at school.

You Stink

Don’t give in to insults!

Hand Signals

What are those hand signals?

Speech Contest

The speech contest that I didn’t go to.

English Loser

Janken across the generations.

Anal Spoon

Does cleaning something mean you can’t use it again for fear of it getting dirty?

LL Room

Using the LL room at school.

Bad Gomi

Being told to take my rubbish home with me.

Defiant Heat

More heat news and update on wooly jumpers.

Fierce Heat

Over 30 degrees, high humidity, fans and pullovers.

English Bloopers

Junior high school students English speaking test bloopers.

Kansai Desho?

Nagoya is not in Kansai, unlike what many people think.

Take Off

LL room instructions: please take off.


Getting beaten hands-down at Concentration.

Knowing Students

The teachers don’t know which students are in which classes.