Dry Cappuccino

These days people are fussy with their coffee orders. I decided to try the same after the last time when I asked for a cappuccino and got something more resembling a latte. This morning I asked for a dry single shot cappuccino, one brown sugar, which the lady serving repeated to her colleague who was standing right next to her. When said drink was handed to me I regretted my cleverness as the cup felt empty! Seriously, this coffee must be ‘ultra dry’. Can’t these ‘coffee barristers’ just get a cappuccino right in the first place?

Restaurant Refresh

Restaurant Ryo is Refreshing…

Oh! Saka!

Oh! Saka! adult dessert from Osaka.

Eat Tokyo

Eat Tokyo, Golders Green, London

Yama-chan Sembei

Yama-chan Sembei

Malaysian Festival

Malaysian Festival in Trafalgar Square, London.

Not Recommended

Dim-sum Not Recommended

Flat White

Flat Whites hit the UK

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning.

Benihana Teppanyaki

There are many expensive restaurants that I normally steer clear of, including Benihana, a pricey teppanyaki restaurant. So it was with great excitement that I went there yesterday when an old family friend invited my family for dinner at the Piccadilly branch. My first impression was that the staff weren’t Japanese (well, a minority were). […]

Red Bull Shot

Red Bull Shots

Abeno Okonomiyaki

Abeno Okonomiyaki

After Eights

A new type of After Eight?

Sausage Fingers

Sausage fingers

Sod’s Law

A horrible experience gets worse.