Mac Desire

Return of the Mac?

Slipper Problem

A long dream ending with a slipper problem & a chef.

Sex & The City

Dreaming of Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sister Reunion

Cobbled streets of London and cancer for Christmas.

French Lesson

My old French teacher appears in my dreams.


Familiar people don’t always appear in our dreams.


Deceptive winter dreams.

Venue Change

A nightmare about the JLPT.

Bad Dreams

A couple of recent horrific visions…

Giving Beats

A nightmare sees me fight a student?


Trying not to be sliced like in Bio Hazard.

On Speed

A very vivid dream full of fun.


My old friend with bulging muscles.

Clean Cut

A dream in which I hack off my own foot. Nice.

Toilet Food

Dream – On the toilet & being served food under the door.

Drunken Dreams

Unhappy dreaming – don’t make promises when you’re drunk.

Neglected Dreams

Forgetting one of my site categories – all those intresting dreams from 2003!

Dream Fall

Finally sleeping on trains myself, and people falling on top of you asleep.

Yawn to Yawn

Making others yawn. But at the same time?

Where Am I

Dream. Australian mistrust leads to loss of location.

Supressed Dreams

My dreams are starting to return in Japan. Where did they go?

Death I

Dreaming of your dad’s death.

Queen Dream

Why was the Queen actually a robot?

Running Man

Dreams – a park field covered in poo…

Sky’s The Limit

A flying dream with a jet-pack!

Flying Guitars

Dreams – being tailed in a plane and guitar bashing.

Castle Battle

3 dreams in 1

Kill That Itch

A short dream with mum trying to ‘help’ my hayfever.

Dannii Vs Kylie

Dannii & Kylie behind glass.


Gladiator dreams.

Mental Prison

Escaping a mental institution.

Dream Ride

Fairground falling.


Children’s funland of sorts dreamt up.

Fighting Bears

Following paths and fighting bears

Late For Exams

Recurring dream description. What does it mean?!

Fishy Dream

Dreaming of fish.

Blue to Red

More blood & dreams of blocked pipes.


A dream of swimming in shark infested tropical waters with alien TV fish floating in the depths.