Tube Chaos

Leaving work this evening it was pelting down with rain. For some reason, the only day I needed it, my brolly wasn’t in my bag. I waited a few minutes before running towards the station. As I was meeting someone I couldn’t afford to keep standing there for too long. Five minutes later and the lashing rain had all but stopped!

Thankfully, I’d preempted the horrors that would have awaited me on the Central Line that was experiencing severe delays by checking the TFL website – I can’t get on that line at the best of times. But arriving at another station there are a lot of people. The station was closed due to the Circle and Hammersmith & City Lines being suspended! Many people were voicing the swear words going through my own head.

I decided not to bother with any more public transport and walked to Liverpool St. It was still drizzling but not enough to get you really wet. It turned out to be a great walk along back roads and even main roads that I was unfamiliar with.

Later on I got an overground train which is something I rarely do. It was actually really relaxing and the view of the City back-lit by the sunset really was something to behold.

2 comments to Tube Chaos

  • quik

    Central Line is great, what do you mean? Definitely my favourite line. I wonder if everyone has a favourite line?

    An Aussie at work loves London, the weather, the people and Yes even the tube! I guess the grass is always greener…

  • Favourite line, eh. I’m not sure if everyone has one of those. Maybe least favourite 😉

    I wonder if your colleague has travelled on the Tube in the height of summer? Saying that, it’s pretty bad all year round, unfortunately.