Unless something goes horribly wrong within the 30 day refund period Tsohost will be my web host for the next while. I’d found some positive reviews but was initially wary due to their extremely cheap prices (which start from £14.99/year!), but then I found out that several friends of mine have been using Tsohost for a few years and have been very happy. That settled it.

So far the service has been outstanding, with replies to technical queries typically being within 10-15 minutes or so. I may be being cynical but it will be interesting to see if this continues past the 30 day money back period. My friends tell me that responses are quick even late at night which is a great sign.

I’ll update this post after some more time passes with Tsohost. For now, this has been the best web hosting experience I’ve ever had. No, I’m not just saying that for a referral.

Here’s my Tsohost referral link.

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