Facebook Check-in

I’ve uploaded a few more photos to my photo site. I’m backdating them and am nearly back up to date.

Let’s assume that Google is yet to perfect the indexing of photos intelligently: the photo above shows an iPhone user checking-in her location, Wimbledon’s Centre Court, on Facebook. It’s one of my more recent favourite photos. In addition to the aesthetics of the photo, I like how it records some of the technological and social media innovations of the last couple of years.

For the record, I’m not sure I’d ever use a feature such as Facebook’s check-in feature. Having said that, I have seen temptations such as 100 Yen discount for checking into Japanese restaurant. When the meal only costs between 500-700 Yen, that’s quite significant!

On another related note, in the last year or so Facebook really seems to be taking off in Japan. Previously, many of the Japanese user-base seemed to be those with an interest in English or those who lived abroad. Anyone have any theories as to what’s caused this shift?

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  • quik

    I have a problem with things like the Facebook Check-in or Foursquare. Why not just put a sign on your front door that says you aren’t at home?!

    Or course Facebook is now a publicly traded company, so now the pressure is on to raise money and that is best done selling personal information and photos which the public gives them and they own.

    And a week or so ago the Sunday Times reported that Facebook has access to all of your text messages on your phone as well.

    I think Facebook is a good service and I don’t begrudge them for what they do, as that’s how they, Google and all the other free online services make money and allow you to use these services for free. It does lead to more of this:

    As for theories, further Westernisation of the Japanese market. Or the fact Facebook set-up a dedicated site following the Tsunami to help find friends and relatives bringing brand awareness?

  • Yeah, totally agree. But what if you got a sizable discount on a car or something? Wouldn’t that be worth advertising where you were just on one day? I wonder if it’s only a matter of time.

    Text messages? You mean if you are using a Facebook app?

    That article is both amusing and frightening. Not really that surprising, though.

    This all reminds me, has anyone read the new Google privacy policy? Something makes me think everybody should.

  • I think it depends on how much of one’s personal privacy a person is willing to trade for the discount.
    The amount of personal information that websites gather is quite mind-boggling to me.
    Yeah, I read that new Google privacy policy. I thought privacy was not an apt term in this case.
    While I agree that the internet and its peripheral technology has made the world a much-connected place with much benefits, I am not convinced on some of its uses.
    Excuse me while I go hide in my cave devoid of wireless connection….

  • It’s a difficult trade-off but I get the feeling that many people don’t really think about it or just don’t care that much.

    I like the cave idea, but seriously, no wireless? 🙂