Dry Cappuccino

These days people are fussy with their coffee orders. I decided to try the same after the last time when I asked for a cappuccino and got something more resembling a latte. This morning I asked for a dry single shot cappuccino, one brown sugar, which the lady serving repeated to her colleague who was standing right next to her. When said drink was handed to me I regretted my cleverness as the cup felt empty! Seriously, this coffee must be ‘ultra dry’. Can’t these ‘coffee barristers’ just get a cappuccino right in the first place?


After some time away from Giffgaff due to having a company phone, I’m back on it. I currently don’t have wifi at work so the £12(!) Goody Bag with 3GB for a month, not to mention the 500 mins and unlimited texts, is just the ticket!

Order a SIM through my link and we both go into a draw to each win a £500 Amazon. 


Jet Set Radio

Arriving at the XBox 360 dashboard a familiar looking character popped up. Could it be?! Yes, Jet Set Radio, the extremely rare cult game from the Sega Dreamcast that sees you roller-blading around, spraying your gang’s graffiti to tag the streets of Tokyo.

Without a moments hesitation the demo was downloaded and shortly afterwards the full game paid for and unlocked.

With its cell shaded graphics, the game has aged well. It’s just as slick as I remember it. In fact, now that I’ve spent time in Tokyo, I find it even better as it really looks like you are in Shibuya etc.

Classic game! Natsukashii.

Take a Leak

A guy looks around after coming out of the station and shiftily turns into a dark area off the pavement towards the station’s raised track archways. There’s no motorbike waiting so, yep, he’s going to take a leak. Just as he reaches the corner he has chosen for such a glamourously job a bright light automatically turns on and illuminated the whole area! Serves you right my friend. Even so, he still goes about his business, anyway.

Japan and the Fax

Do you ever use a fax machine at work? I’ve probably used fax machines 4-5 times in my whole career and the last time I did it the recipient then asked if I could email it instead. It seems like fax machines are still widely used in Japanese firms.

Japan and the fax: A love affair

London 2012 Parade

Paralympic Torch Relay

Paralympic Torch Relay

1000 Japanese Words

Wiktionary: 1000 Japanese Words

Olympic Men’s Football Semis

In a pub in Central London, the moment just before the match ended… we were all hoping Japan would score, but what should happen? The nation’s football hopes are now with the women’s Nadeshiko Japan team.

Olympic Tennis Finals

I’m going to back date this or I’m going to run out of days…

Today was an epic day for tennis and British tennis in particular. I wish I could have been on Centre Court for Murray’s match against Federer but it wasn’t to be. I did get on to see him receive his medal which was a bonus and something to remember!

Actually, I had an incredible Court 1 ticket, four rows from the court! The main match was Novak Djokovic  playing Juan Martin Del Petro for the Broze medal. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen two pros hitting the ball that hard (though I did think the same after seeing Murray and Baghdatis trading ground strokes at Wimbledon last month) and that consistently. It was a great match but I was surprised that Del Petro won in straight sets.

As I said, I managed to get tickets to Centre Court after the singles Gold medal match and so was treated to Murray’s chance at a second Gold medal in the mixed doubles final with Laura Robson. After really dominating in the first set they ended up losing in a tense tie break.

Pictures to follow.